Getting Your Business Ready For The NBN

Simple steps to prepare over the NBN transition period.

Here are some simple steps to be prepared and ensure that your customers can contact your business over the NBN transition period with your telco provider.

Steps Include;

    Purchase a Pre-Paid Mobile Phone / Data Pack before the transition period for a temporary phone contact.

    Notify all your current suppliers with your additional details if your main / first contact point fails or does not respond.

    Closer to the NBN installation date, place the updated contact information on your website for customers & suppliers.

    Advise your current customers with your additional details if your main / first contact point fails or does not respond.

    Make sure these are kept up-to date so an alternative is provided during the move.

The NBN itself is a wholesaler and does not provide services directly to your business, so you will need to contact your existing telco / internet service provider for your services to be rolled over / moved once the NBN is available to be installed in your area.

By being prepared with moving over your telephone services (phone / fax / internet) over to the NBN, ensures that if there are any problems during this time, your business is can still operate and communicate with your suppliers and customers.

Check the NBN website for more details about availability in your area.

Once your services have been successfully moved over to the NBN, you can let your customers and suppliers to remove your temporary contact phone number.

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